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GM distribution was established in 2010 in the United States of America and opened a second office in 2015 (In France, Montpellier). GM distribution’s three core activities are sourcing and distribution of FMCG products as well as growing and novelty brands. GM distribution develops marketing plans specifically fitted to each market. GM distribution also builds food and drink private label range (PL) from product sourcing to marketing promotions in targeted zone, in order to control costs, limit risks and expand market shares.

mapping GM distribution

US and European teams are trained to identify opportunities and competitive advantages in each market to accurately meet our customer’s needs in Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East and Asia. According to the development objectives, the added value of GM distribution is based on the marketing integration in the value chain of commercial development of the brand (or private label). GM distribution improves the visibility of the brand through different marketing triggers such as: in-country and in-store advertising, trade show representation, on-line marketing.

On the logistic side, GM Distribution works with multiple warehouses worldwide to ensure effectiveness and cost efficiency. Whether the company wants to pick-up the products in the country of production or wants GM distribution  to handle the delivery, GM distribution’s logistic department will always offer the most competitive rate and the best customer service. GM distribution also offers services such as labelling, inkjet printing and re-packing depending on market requirements.

GM distribution US

Since 2010, our US office has grown relationships with some of the largest wholesalers, distributors and retailers in the United States. GM distribution US handles different partnerships in Asia, South America et North America.

GM distribution

GM distribution was designed to manage the European, African and Middle Eastern markets. Additionally, this office plays a major role in the sourcing of novelty & innovative brands, destined to satisfy our overwhelming demand from the African and Middle Eastern markets.


“We provide brand marketing and establish international distribution”

International logistic
Brands development

GM Distribution has in-depth knowledge about rules and regulations internationally.


GM Distribution maintains relationships with the world’s most known brands and helps you to develop your brand.


GM Distribution is committed to providing the highest standard of Customer service and reliability.


Our GM Distribution offices’ in Europe and the USA allows us to offer our clients a global expertise.


Our priority is to satisfy our customers and build a durable relationship.


We source our products from over 13 countries aiming to utilize the competitive advantage from each region.

Our teams and departments

marketing distribution strategy


Help our customers to evaluate the best marketing mix adequate for each market.



Improve the logistic operations by reducing costs and greenhouse emissions.

distribution gm distribution


Packing, shipping and insuring your products until it reaches the country of destination.



Protect your brand in targeted markets, ensure that your product meets regulatory requirements


“We nurture brands to spread their awareness and reach new markets”


Brands we are proud to work with

gm distribution starbucks
GM distribution banana joe
gm distribution arizona
GM distribution dr pepper
eden food brand
gm distribution guru
gm distribution hiball energy
gm distribution just bee drink
gm distribution pringles
gm distribution crofter's organic
snack food gm distribution
GM distribution Coca cola
ferrero gm distribution
GM distribution Hi I'm skinny
GM distribution OCHO
GM distribution starbucks rafresher
gm distribution pepsi
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